What A Day

Published August 23, 2020 by tindertender

I went deep into the forest early this morning to float in GAIAs beautiful mineral waters. Upon arrival I found many people sitting in the sacred pools. They brought their lounge chairs into the water, their styrofoam cups, and they did not stop talking even for a short time. It was their playground.

I pulled a beer can and a plastic water bottle from the pools. I threw a nerf ball that was floating around up to the bank.

I had to leave this place because the energy of the people was so unsettling. I took photos of how they are treating this sacred space.

Dirty diaper

They peed on GAIA, which I have no issue with. However because they didn’t want to get it on themselves, they wiped with tissue and threw it on the ground, everywhere I looked. Not realizing in the slightest the filth they wanted to save themselves from, they spewed onto the land, for all to see, for months to come.

There is no garbage service here, no clean up crew. These bags were so heavy I could not even pick them up to haul them away. There was no respect or honor for the Earth shown that we live upon.

At first I was angry. I told all who listened in the aethers that these people did not deserve to be here on this piece of land. That I hoped the owner would once again construct barriers so the people could not drive in and camp here.

Then I remembered myself as a very young woman, who was never taught the value of life, for herself or another, nor was I ever taught about honoring the Earth in a good way.

I lived 36 years before I began to notice what I had been participating in, this disrespect, this sense of entitlement to do whatever the hell I wanted… and I was indeed creating such a place with my thoughtless actions, just as these people are.

I had a change of heart and decided to pray for them. I stopped and spoke with GAIA and gave her gifts, including the plug from the clans prayer pipe that had been gifted to me, and the stone I received full of blessing from a gal who had gifted it to me, returning it, and the blessing to our peaceful and caring nurturer, GAIA.

I asked for forgiveness for my part in it all as a youngster, and otherwise, before I became aware. I asked that the others be forgiven and have their minds and hearts illuminated so they may see what they are doing and find respect for our home in their being.

Our beautiful home.

We must raise our own love and happiness vibe, which helps GAIA raise her own wounded vibe, which in turn helps raise the vibe of those still unaware. We simply do not have another 20 years to wait for it to occur naturally.

I spoke with a couple who were attending the rest areas of the forest. I thanked them for their service, after a long talk. I mentioned it must be quite disheartening to see the way people behave with regard to our home. They said that 98% of people actually care, a lot, but it is the 2% people think of when they see the destruction.

Only 2% … they should be an easy target for love vibes, for enlightenment energies. Let us help them to the best of our ability.

Gift from GAIA as I wander around thinking on these things. She is Love.

I now head up to the hotsprings of my home town to wash away what I have picked up here and to come back into alignment.

Crossing the Bridge of the Gods I stopped for a quick break and looked across the highway due to all kinds of birds calling. There was an eagle in the tree (left top) and others flying above … Freedom. Freedom has wings.

After my bath and wrap I drove along the river of the gorge. I sat for awhile to watch the wind surfers, they are amazing.

What a day, what a day.

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