War-like Nature

Published August 12, 2020 by tindertender

It is a taught thing …

So many are ready to fight for this, and to fight for that … but what really is going on?

Is anything being accomplished through this type of attitude and action? Or does it just grow more of that which we do not want? Especially nowadays … when there doesn’t really seem to be any sort of solid goal.

Recognize me!

Respect me!

The people are screaming …

I gather that the majority of people who are fighting are not really fighting … they are attempting to ‘defend’ whatever it is they feel is in jeopardy.

This begs to question …

Are the war bringers gaining what they actually desire?

Is their intent a peaceful solution, of unity, of reciprocal respect and honor?

If so … do the actions support this solution?

If not … then take a good long look at what is actually being created here.

The people are Sovereign Beings. They are being steered into a certain format of behavior.

A behavior non-conducive to desired results.

It is time to understand the invisible ship … who is steering it … who is on board it … who would like to get off, and …


… their own beautiful result

Rather that allowing someone(s) else direct them onto their own desired path.

Bless you on your journey.

Chaos would dwindle without your personal input and output.

You are THAT Powerful.

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