Beloved Friends!

Published August 3, 2020 by tindertender

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Your Journey Is Constant And Changing Each Moment!

Have You Noticed That You Are Becoming Increasingly Drawn To Nature To Find Moments Of Peace? Do You Understand That All Of Creation Is Communicating Non-Stop?

Many Beings Of Light That Have Incarnated For The Great Shift Of Humanity, Have A Natural Affinity For The World Of Nature And The Vibrational Frequency That Is Gifted To All That Choose To Receive!

There Is An Increase In Those That Own Crystals And Program Them For Energy Protection As Well As To Harness Higher Vibrations Around The Spaces Of Indoor Living.

Many Are Noticing The Sound Of Birds As Never Before, The Movement Of Animals And The Feelings That Come When Walking Through Areas Of Trees And Flowers.

All Of These Are Speaking To You And All Of Life Is Aware Of You!

You Do Not Have To Speak The Same Language As Another Part Of Creation, To Be Felt And Nourished By The Exchange Of Love!

The Skills Needed For The World To Come Are Not Those Developed By Experience In A World That Is Becoming Obsolete.

The Abilities Needed To Merge Well In The Conditions Of The Higher Dimensions Will Be Increasing As We Move Along On This Masterful Journey Together!

Find The Nature That Nourishes Your Very Soul And Feed That Vibrational Frequency As Often As Possible!

You Are Expanding In Light When You Move And Live In Sunlight And Living Creatures That Play Before You Speak To You In Silent Voices That Your Soul Understands!

For Soon, This Life Will Change To Such Beauty!

You Will Thrive As You Walk Barefoot In Silky Green Grass And Reach Down And Pick Up A Rabbit That Is Not Afraid,

Or You Sit Down Next To A Giant Lion And Lay Your Head On The Soft Fur And Take A Nap!

Yours Will Be A World Of Peace At Last!

Love One Another As You Remember Who You Are!

I Love You So!



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