Friends Of Light!

Published July 22, 2020 by tindertender

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With All Of The Advice, Wisdom And Clarity That We Strive To Offer In Love, It Is Also Important That You Remember This Story.

This Waking Dream, Is Very Much A Gift From God!

We Focus So Much With You On Frequencies, The Unseen, What Is To Come, The Virus, The Marches And So Much Chaos.

We Explain Our Crafts And The Federation Meetings And How Much We Love You!

What Is Important In This Moment Is To Remember You Are Living A Precious Life That Matters!

This Story Of You, This Role That You Play With Others Playing Roles, Is Very Significant!

We Never Mean To Imply That You Are Simply Here As A Stepping Stone To Another Place!

God Is Everywhere, As Everything That Is Created.

You Are This NOW, In THIS Moment!

Focus On The Love That You Are, The Love You Have To Offer, The Ones You Have Experienced As Changing Your Heart For The Better.

You Are Overflowing With Gifts!

Allow The Changes But Stay Present As The Energies Flow!

You Were Meant To Enjoy This Life Experience! 

You Are Worthy To Be Loved!

Never Give Up On Yourself Or This Life That You Have Been Given!

You Are Sacred And Divine, As You Feed Your Dog, Wash Dishes, Play With A Child, Or You Own A Country And Have More Money Than You Can Spend!

If You Have No Home And Are Without Work, You Are Just As Sacred And Important As Another!

So In This Moment, We Focus On You And The Name You Carry, The Feelings You Have And The Changes Throughout Your Dream That Have Hurt You Or Made You Better!

Everything Is Working For Your Good Beyond The Dream And Within The Dream.

Find That Goodness And Hold It Closely!

Soon You Awaken From This Dream!

We Will Greet You There!


I Love You So!



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