Healing Isn’t Pretty

Published July 20, 2020 by tindertender

When we begin to dive deep into our being, seeing our self fully, it can cause some unsettling emotional issues.

Denial … that’s usually the first step. We try to tell our self that what others see and report about us is false. We may accuse them of lying. Saying it just to be hurtful. We might even try to hurt them in return.

Anger … we get mad and reject anyone or thing that makes us look at the negative behaviors or patterns we exhibit.

Blame … we blame others for our behavior. It’s all someone else’s fault we are the way we are.

Sadness or depression … once we DO look inside, if we are honest with ourselves, we might begin to see the truth … that perhaps everyone else isn’t wrong after all. How can they ALL be wrong?

We can swing between depression, anger, sadness and blame for quite some time before we begin to accept responsibility for our words and actions … before we are able to admit that there is a lot of inner work needing done.

So we begin to take a good look at our self.

We choose to reformat our character, to ‘raise’ ourself differently, to parent our broken or injured inner child.

We learn to become a friend to self.

We might even begin to love our self … but that usually only comes after realizing we have actually hated our self, or acted like we did anyway.

Healing is a tough journey.

It is said that growing old isn’t for sissy’s.

But I say taking a good hard look at the truth of our self is the hardest and most challenging thing we’ll ever do …

Should one choose to.

My healing journey began more than 20 years ago. I’m only now emerging from the well … that deep well of binding thought and hindering emotional baggage.

May your journey be quicker than mine, yet equally thorough.

Bless you as you heal.

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@dmey503

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