The Best Gift Of My Life ~ Semper Fi

Published July 12, 2020 by tindertender

Yes, having my father in my world after many years of not knowing him was a great gift, one I will cherish for the rest of my life.

For 17 years I’ve been in battle, a battle for my soul.

I am tired, and yet invigorated, for I received the most precious gift last night from unseen forces, by an aspect of the masculine.

The message was, “Semper Fi, just remember that.”

I did not know what it meant, so I asked google, the every ‘reliable’ source.

Semper fidelis [ˈsɛmpɛr fɪˈdeːlɪs]) is a Latin phrase that means “always faithful” or “always loyal”. It is the motto of the United States Marine Corps, usually shortened to Semper Fi.

They have taken notice, and given me my current, most precious gift. They have empowered my hope that good will prevail over the chaos makers.

They have let me know, without doubt, that I am not alone in this battle.

I will love them forever, for this is exactly what I needed in my world during these moments, where chaos is intensifying, and suffering increases.

If you are suffering mentally, know that there are warriors in the unseen (and seen) who see your struggles. You are not alone, you are seen, heard, and cared for.

The war is real, and you are NOT crazy.

Remember that.

Semper Fi

Righteous Thorns in the side of Chaos.

SLAP those bitches with a thorny flower!

I will relax and enjoy the aroma.

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