Get You A Girl

Published May 25, 2020 by tindertender

Written by Maria Palumbo:;

Get you a girl

Whose life is bigger than you.

It will keep you hooked for life and keep you dizzy. Gasping for air at times from delight and ecstasy and other times from pure terror.

Get you a girl

Whose lifeline is not you

Who has a therapist, a coach, a community of powerful women committed to telling her the truth, to helping her see, to helping her love herself and you the best that you both deserve.

Who does not come to you hoping you will fix her emotions, give her what she wants to, “feel better,” but only comes to you clear in who she is and what she needs and gives you the honor of meeting her there or not.

Get you a girl

Who is not confused about how she feels, does not throw up walls and defenses, isn’t hot one day and cold the next because she knows she wants YOU and she always pursues the things she wants.

Get you a girl

Whose dreams are bigger than the ones you dream with her. That her purpose for her life includes you but is not you alone, and you can feel her fire and joy and the impact that she is making.

Get you a girl

Who is happy, alive, turned on, with or without you.

Get you a girl

Who listens to you and values you and keeps you on solid ground. You do not have to worry about where you stand, you are never unsure of how things will turn out with her.

You always know.

Get you a girl who values her well-being more than she values anything else. For you can trust that the woman you are loving is the woman that she is.

Get you a girl

Whose thirst for knowledge, growth, for self-awareness, for being the best human she can possibly be, outweighs whether or not you are happy with her. She does not cause drama nor is she callous and she is always deeply true to who she is.

Get you a girl

Who will tell you the truth when others will placate you. Who will push you when others would control you. Who will piss you off and make you wonder about the sea of spiritual barbie dolls who really don’t challenge you all that much. Make you wonder if it would be easier over there.

Get you a girl

You can’t ever leave, even when you want to run. Even if someone with better t*ts




Comes waltzing in. Because nothing compares to the thing you have and you know it deep in your bones.

She is irresistible and knows this too.

Get you a girl who you get to enjoy the overflow of her love affair with life and not for one moment think you are the reason for her happiness.

She will change your life.

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