Beloved Ones Of All That Is! 5-25-2020

Published May 25, 2020 by tindertender

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In Many Moments We Speak To You Of The Breath Of Life!

We Explain That You Are Not Breathing, But Being Breathed By The ONE.

This Sacred Breathing Of The Body Form Correlates In Understanding Of The Rise And Fall Of Life Itself!

In This Story Of You NOW, You Experience The Depths Of Despair, And The Highest Joy Ever!  Sometimes All In Moments That Are Very Close!

Breathe Deeply Now!

On This Journey Of Your Soul, Here In Form, There Is A Quickening That Occurs Quite Naturally When You Allow The Breath To Guide You Into The Depths Of Your Very Being;

Relaxing The Physical Senses, Relinquishing The Sense Of Direction, Being Willing To Allow The Energies To Flow As You Become The Awareness Of Your Soul!

In This Moment Of Allowing, You Will Know You Are One With All That Is,

That The False Identity You Chose Like Clothing With A Name And Form,

Is With Purpose And Power And The Underlying Reason For Being Here Is To Expand, Experience The Journey, Feel The Pain And Love, Break The Chakras Open To Let Out All Negativity,

And To Stop Projecting A Future Of More Chaos;

As You Fully Know You Are Co-Creators Of Life!

Observe Those That Are Of Darkness And Thrive On Harming Others, But Do Not Allow Your Energy Field To Even Come Close To These If Possible!

Know The Non-Physical Aspect Of Many Dimensions And Multiple Densities (Vibrational Frequencies) Are Present Now On The Planet!


To Attempt To Destroy Your Planet, Play With Your Thinking And Cause Confusion!

Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricanes And Harm To The Body Are Global At This Moment!

But Know That You Have Always Had Friends In High Places +++

And Every Place Of Destruction Is Filled With Light Warriors As White Hats And Multiple Forces From Angelic Realms,

And Other Star Systems, In Place, As Moving Energy And Containing Both The Givers Of Darkness And Their Deeds Of Destruction!

So All We Remind You To Do Is Breathe Deeply From The Love Of God!

Trust That This Too Shall Pass!

Know That You Are Powerful Souls Having The Last Waking Dream Of The Planet!

For Soon We Rise As ONE To A Place Called SHEEN!

To Those Unfamiliar With The New Earth, SHEEN Is The Heart Of The New Earth That Awaits You!

You Are Our Beloved Ones! I Hold You Deeply In My Essence!

Be Strong And Never Give Up!

The Best Is Yet To Come!


I Love You So!


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