Your Diamond Core God Cell

Published May 20, 2020 by tindertender

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Stop, breathe a few times, bring your attention to the center of your chest. Now, move two inches up, and than try to see with your minds eye, go two inches inside that area. This is your higher heart chakra. Focus, imagine a octahedron, the TRUE form of a “diamond”.

This is your “Diamond Core God Cell”. This is YOU, your Divine Soul Matrix. See now this symbol, this instrument, becoming brighter, expanding, encompassing your whole being, expanding beyond your vessel. Place your hands on your chest, right hand on top of left; Recite three times; My diamond core god cell is fully activated. Continue seeing this becoming brighter and expanding.

You can share what you know, your can share your light, love everyone unconditionally. But you can only “save” yourself. Each individual must go through the change and experience themselves. Each one must walk their own path. You cannot “drag” anyone into the fifth dimension.

Every being on Earth knows at one level or another that something is changing. Perhaps there are some that may not be aware in this now, from their human mind. But at the soul level they know what is unfolding. And that information is being trickled into their NOW consciousness.

You do not have to wait for open contact. Do the necessary clearing and alignments. Call upon the group of beings you wish to communicate or have contact with. Let them know you are ready to move forward with the next step.

Question: What is proper cleaning and alignment?

Answer: Meditation, time in nature, mantras, consuming light food, water.

The purging of the old, emotional, mental as well as physical imbalances continues. People are being pushed, pulled and twisted in their dream state, and in their awakened state as well.

The time for the games has come to an end. Snap out of the 3D illusion willingly, or prepare to be jolted until you’re awake.

Ultimately you only have one choice to make, fear or love.

Through the choices you make in this now, you either align or move further away from your spiritual aspect.

It does not matter if the world “opens up” or not. You know why? Because 3D is shutting down. The world will open up, yes, no worries. However, the next collapse will be worse than any “virus”. It is unavoidable. As always, those attached to 3D beliefs have it hardest.

Do not forget to spend time outside as much as possible. I don’t say this for the vitamin D issue. I say this because the Sun offers one hundred thousand other things besides vitamin D. This year’s Summer Solstice is going to be the most powerful one yet.

6/20/2020 will be a Saturday. Set your intention to be outside for more than half of that day. Walk in nature, meditate, or just sit in a forest or a field, or your back yard. Allow the higher energies to enter your being, as they flow through and around you, feel the upliftment.

The energy, the design, the structure of the new reality, of the new world is held WITHIN YOUR DNA. As more and more of your DNA connects and activates, as your consciousness expands, through the light within you, unifying with Mother Earth’s light, the new world shall emerge.

Do all that is necessary to ground yourselves. As the process accelerates, you will find yourselves in the midst of “tornadoes”. Exercise your power to remain calm.

The only time you have failed at life is when you have chosen fear over love.

Empty mind. Full heart.

F.E.E.L: Fabulous Emotions Emanating Love The gift of feeling is of your soul’s essence. Listen, be, allow yourself to feel, the light and love. Allow your feelings to guide you. They will never mislead you, unless you allow fear to come into play. Then everything crumbles.


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