How to ‘Purposefully’ Add Good Energy to the World During Separation

Published May 8, 2020 by tindertender

During these times of Covid-19 and the fear it represents in the hearts and minds of people, we are separated, even more than we were before.

How do we put our good energy into the world?

Some of us have been home for awhile now due to layoffs. What do we do with our time?

I started sewing … masks. I rearranged my bedroom. I cleaned house, or at least ‘picked it up’. I changed my living room window treatment. I started going for joy rides and hikes in various parks that were/are open. I started praying again, in the forest.

All that is good.

I entered deep spaces in my mind that I thought I had already visited, but these spaces held additional blockages that needed attention, healing and clearing. Inner work is very good to do in these times.

How do we share the love we are working on increasing in our own hearts and minds?

We can:

1) Send note cards via USPS. It is amazing how rare it is that one receives a card these days. It is a nice surprise when you’re stuck at home with no visitors.

2) Smile and wave at those you encounter, whether you be passing another vehicle on the road, or in the grocery store … smile, show kindness.

3) Paint rocks with inspirational messages or pictures and leave them in various areas for people to find. The atm, the park, any stairs you may climb, and entrances or exits to buildings or flower pots. Anywhere people might find themselves stopping for a moment.

4) Have flowers delivered to a friend or family member … just because.

5) Share a meal with someone in need. Getting take-out? Purchase an extra meal and give it to the next person you see, who is hungry.

These are only five suggestions, but there could be many more. I welcome your thoughts and ideas to increase methods of growing happiness and care in this world, please add them in the comments section.



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