Sunshiney, Heavenly Spaces

Published April 17, 2020 by tindertender

Little tiny daisy’s and dandelions and shiny slug trails. I wonder how many dogs have marked these spots. I dare not lay in the grass.

Nourish me Sun. Nourish me please. Allow me the warmth of You upon my flesh, let it deep into my Be-ing.

Bless my spirit Wind. Your breeze flows around me, filling me, giving life in every moment with your family, the Sun.

Touching Mother Earths hair. She has flowers and clover in it.

Tree Hugger Alert!

So many cute little blossoms!

Sitting here at the river now. I just realized human beings don’t tend to eat animals that eat other animals, unless it’s a fish, dog, or gater … probably others. But animals eat each other even though many of them eat other animals. Perhaps this is the difference between man and beast when it comes to diet.

I get it now. They’re trying to steal each other’s food!

Aaaaahhhhh, beautiful, glorious days. Blessings abound! I hope you’ve been aware of yours. 🥰

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