The Son (Sun) ~ You Think You Know, Are You Sure?

Published April 15, 2020 by tindertender

You don’t need to be “saved”.

You simply must stop being MEAN to each other.

Are you ready yet?

Or perhaps looking deeply within is too scary at this time?

Open you heart to the Sun.

In the past, ceremonies were held at this time of the year, when the sun was returning with its warmth and Life-Force to bring forth from the earth itself the manifestation of God’s life and beauty. We would raise your consciousness beyond the darkness of the earth life, and bring you a vision of the company of radiant spirits and angels who are near to your earth at this time in obedience to the law, to the will of our Father-Mother God. They come amongst you with rejoicing, trying to infuse into your being the joy of the sunlight, the joy of the Christ life. They try to awaken in your soul and higher consciousness supreme confidence in God’s love and wisdom. You may, if you will, receive the baptism of this Sun spirit, even as the brethren of the ancient wisdom have always received it.

Turn your back, beloved brethren, on the darkness and error of mortal thinking. On the lower mental plane there is confusion, and the man who dwells in the prison house of the flesh dwells in confusion. But the spirit within him aspires and reaches forth to its Father-Mother God, and cries out in joy that it lives and has true being in the heaven world.

In this modern age, you have lost touch with the truth of being in God’s light and beauty and good. Brotherhood is hardly known. But at this time of the festival of the arisen Sun, let us all make a supreme effort to open our hearts to God, the great Sun of all life, and reflect its light into the hearts of men. So may we become brothers to all life, simple, gentle and true, so that if God wills He may use any one of us to comfort, inspire and heal our fellows.

The ancient festival of welcoming the sun at this season of the year will be revived when men realize the true art of life. The Sun of God ( by which we mean Life-Force which flows from the heart of God, which is love) will enter in fullness and richness into man’s being in the same way as the sun enters into the seed quickened to life by Mother Earth. As nature is quickened by the same force of love, so man will be quickened and grow to perfection. There will be in those days not stricken men and women, but all will be as perfect sons of God.

We believe in the coming of the brotherhood of Christ on earth. We work for this end.

~ The Way of the Sun, White Eagles Teachings for the Festivals of the Year.


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