Monday Inner Power Talk

Published February 10, 2020 by tindertender

Written by

You are so powerful that just setting your mind to a purified thought, is what shifts out the old energy into the Higher Divine Energy here.

But it’s easier to not let people know that, said old energy, because then old energy loses it’s power.

I hope you all get this message….

By knowing You are ‘The Change’… gives the power back where it belongs…in your hands. No other human has powers over You. Don’t place someone who is Awakened more than you, as more powerful than you. When you do that, you give others, your power. This is exactly how malevolent (negative ) energies can fool you, by making you feel inferior, keeping them on the pedestal. Reclaim YOUR Inate God Given Powers back. The ones awakening, are simply RE-Membering, you are awakening back up to your Spiritual knowledges that You, have Always Had. Spirits here are Awakening up thru Spiritual Amnesia, the amnesia was for you to learn experiences here, in order to purify non-serving energy out, & walk into Divine Purifications of Higher Unconditional Love Energy Co-Creators with God Source.

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