Time Is Odd for Conversation

Published February 6, 2020 by tindertender

There have been many conversations throughout the years.

About hair styles
World affairs

You name it, any number of things.

This past weekend I spent time with friends … adopted family really. At one point many women were seated around the table, talking.

It was odd. It is rare that I am seated with so many women in close proximity and it dawned on me, we were all speaking at once in varying conversation.

It occurred to me how loud it was, and I apologized, suddenly conscious of the circle.

I mentioned to them at one point about this really great under-eye cream I recently found which is diminishing the puffiness under my eyes … pretty cool. But they didn’t seem that interested.

I sit and think of this now and am very happy for the newest friends I am privileged to spend time with.

Unlike others I have known.

It is clear what is valued and what isn’t really all that important.

And it is beautiful.

For you feel seen.

It goes without saying … seen as you are, all of it, and accepted, and loved.

Being in this environment allows a releasing of tensions, a load shifts and eases. The energy and the graciousness of each person, as a combined unit, is so special as they honor each other.

I’ve been blessed to now know several deep thinkers, creative experts and tradition keepers. It is a real pleasure making fun with them, learning of the Sacred Ways.

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