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Stubborn ~ Willful ~ Human

Published February 12, 2018 by tindertender

From the approximate age of 4 or 5, I have been determined to make my own decisions, about what I would wear, and what I would do. I still remember the day I told my mother I would wear ‘this’ and not what she had planned for me. It snowballed from there.

Stubborn_3At the age of 15 I ‘got’ a boyfriend, who told me what to wear, what to do, and how to even wear my hair. At first I wanted to please him, but the more abusive he became, the more I hated this invisible thumb on my life, and I rebelled. He became more physical in his attempts to control me, and I fought back, intensely, having to leave town for he knew not when to stop and my very life was in danger.

This was only the beginning of understanding. You see, at first I thought it was only humankind that wanted to do manipulation, but now know that we are all just pawns, given a certain set of circumstances to test our reactions and our ability to handle stressful situations.

Stubborn_1There are others who hear not only what we say, but what we do not say as well … those thoughts we do not give audible words to. Not only that, they see our dreams as well. I know a man who thirty years ago told me he knew me better than I knew myself. I suppose it was true to a certain extent, however he still did not know my thoughts unless I told him, and he was not aware of my dreams.

These others, they know the three parts of a person, indeed, they know all about us, even those things we’ve forgotten. They know our waking verbal self, our waking non-verbal self, and our sleeping self. They watch, they listen, they discuss among each other our strengths and our weaknesses. They observe as we face our trials, and they see how we treat each other, in calm times, and in times of intense stress. Our hearts are known without any misconstrued stories.

mindful selfIn the silence of your mind are you working to build a compassionate life, or are you scheming the next steps in order to ‘pull one over’ on someone? Are you trying to be kind, or are you practicing some sort of revenge for perceived wrongs? All of these things do not go unseen, unknown.

Those who go through life without delving deep into their own being, projecting harm into the world, albeit mostly unconsciously, they will need to come back and try again, for they obviously haven’t got what it takes to merge with the whole which is in constant connection and awareness. Chaos does not work in a situation where they must be listened to at all times, not if one hopes to have a peaceful atmosphere.

And those ‘ones’ wish for peace. Which is why we face these trials. It is important to forgive, to release emotions which cause chaos in the mind and to practice calm responses and not extreme reactions which do more harm than good.

time bombJust yesterday I had to sever ties with a person who works very hard to create chaos in the world. I understand, for I was once an angry person who did the same. It is not something I choose to practice any longer though, it hasn’t been for nearly two decades. I instead wish to practice and see if I can be a person of peace, just as thoroughly as I was a person of chaos. It’s a personal challenge, and not done because ‘someone’s listening’. I honestly wish to see if I am as good at creating good with thoughts, words and actions as I was at creating harmful words, thoughts and actions.

Many people think God hears their prayers, when spoken and when thought. Yet these same people are in denial that He also hears everything else that they say and think, they believe that their actions go unseen unless they personally call in His attention. Or perhaps they think they have the freedom to behave as poorly as they wish for they ‘believe in a savior’ so have a ‘pass’ on bad behavior.

CreatorReality is, no one is without what mankind calls sin. No one. However, ALL of mankind has free will and the strength to become more than they were before, bearers of peace and healers of the world. They also have capacity to be destroyers of all that is good, and they can watch while that ‘good’ recovers and persists even through all that bullshit. Watch as true strength is seen in a continuation of forgiveness and release, watch as the sun shines down on their heads and they notice it, and relax into it. All the while chaos will stew and concoct plans for destroying this.

It is seen, observed, and discussed by those who are not seen by human eyes, by those who ultimately decided whether or not they wish to reside with us in the heavenly realms, out there in the multi-verse.

Truth Is Truth ~ It Is Not A Game

Published January 11, 2017 by tindertender

Holding Peaceful Thoughts in Mind.
Remaining in Love and Forgiveness.

These are things that ought to be practiced as we witness the weakness in the world, seen, or unseen. Let those who perform atrocities in all forms, allow their acts to be fully viewed, uninhibited. Do not block them, don’t put up any barriers (except perhaps small ones). They need to feel comfortable with laying all of their cards on the table, so we know exactly what we are dealing with, as a whole.

Those of us who stand for what is good and true must know the hidden places of these minds, (again, seen or unseen). It is battle we must be in the know for, that battle is near. Oh yes, I understand many believe the battle is here already, but this is only the surface, and this is not a game.

Gather your wits about you, be aware of the innuendoes, the mild manipulations, the hidden, within that which on the outside is very appealing.

Truth is truth, yet there is another that mimics this truth. It is indeed a very good copy, seeming to be truth in many ways, yet when we pay very close attention, we will see the shady differences, here, and there, and it will not sit right in our gut, in our heart, mind, spirit, or Soul. You will notice that this false truth lacks integrity.

Time is of the essence.
Utilize your God given powers of Discernment, Free Will, and Love.

Truth … It Is The Only Way

Published December 28, 2016 by tindertender

When life throws us a curve and someone twists an event to fit their needs, it is important to stand firm in the truth as we see it.

So many of us are in a bind, somehow reliant and in fear because we have obligations, contracts, and housing needs … perhaps children. We allow ourselves to be mistreated and slandered by so-called authority figures, they may even say we are insubordinate.

My question to anyone who finds themselves in this predicament is … who do you believe has authority over your life? Why, if the answer is not YOU, do you relinquish this power of making choices that resonate with your being, your very soul? Why do you see yourself as ‘less than’ anyone?

Our spirit is being stripped from us, or at least the attempt is being made. A war is being waged for the freedom we hold to live a life that sits well within our integrity, our morals, and rings truth as we see it to be.

Throughout life it has been my observance that there are those who wish to hold themselves above another. I have had personal experience of this, and I see it happening, every day.

Why is it that some people feel the need to squash another persons spirit? Why is it that they manipulate and twist circumstances to seem something other than they are? And why do others believe everything they are told, acting out of ignorance and compounding an erroneous issue before observing for themselves?

People need to come together and assist each other in being more than they were the year before, or even the day before. Too many folks are quick to jump at the opportunity to slander another’s character in order to use their backs as a stepping stone to their perceived potential of power.

Truth … it is the only way, combined with the willingness to accept responsibility and to openly confess when in error. Blaming others has never gotten the job done, and making war, in whatever form that appears to be, will never bring peace to any situation.

Weaving Spinning Thoughts ~ A Confession

Published December 18, 2016 by tindertender

Energies are strong, pulling at me, and I find tears in my eyes frequently. Like the tides of the sea the water within me is being called.

Boundless … everything seems to be falling apart. I do what I can to prepare, unfortunately I do not know what needs to be done.  So I guess, and I plan, and I think constantly what would I do, should I need to take an immediate action.

Image result for pictures of everything is great
I am told everything is great. I have a nice place to live, I have a great job, I have no ties really. I can do what I want for the most part. Yet what I want is scoffed at and I am called names that aren’t flattering when I mention it.

I am told my concern is unwarranted.

I wonder, as I always have .. is it just me? Am I the one who does not see clearly? Why is it that once again I am feeling like the black sheep? It is pretty severe,  I do not fit in.

Again I am made to feel that somehow I am responsible for the views others have of me, most of them negative. I am told time and again that I need to ‘play the game’ … I have never been any good at that, and I do not see the point of game playing. In fact I find the thought ridiculous and repulsive.

I wait. I hope I am doing necessary things that will be beneficial when the time comes for action.

Image result for pictures of everything is great

I want to believe everything will be fine. Oh … I really do. I want so much to believe that all is as it should be and will be bright and sunny some day, without pain and suffering for anyone.

Life has knocked me down so many times, it is hard to have faith in humanity. I see all that is happening and I have doubts as to the goodness of people. I think on my own life history, my own past actions, and I wonder if what I see is why no one sticks around.

Surely there must be goodness in all people, buried deep within their heart and mind and soul. Surely the goodness I believe is within me is there, only forgotten for a time.

I wonder if I am the only one who spins these thoughts in the mind as the weaver does with a fine thread. What will I wind up with when all thoughts have been spun?

“Awakening” with Darpan

Published October 4, 2016 by tindertender

I love where he says, “When you take out the 1% that wants to exploit people, and then say we are 100% ….” why not live in love? What a wonderful idea. “Human Collective Consciousness”. I like the We idea rather then the Me idea. I have been told by someone to “help me help you” and I said, no … it is actually “help me help we”. That is the only way. If you take yourself out of the beneficiary part of the whole, then you separate yourself, and the illusion continues.
Trust Existence … let go and flow … so sweet!

“A Nation Is Not Conquered Until the Hearts Of It’s Women Are On The Ground” ~ Cheyanne Proverb

Published September 11, 2016 by tindertender

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