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Published January 20, 2021 by tindertender

I wish to share something with you about Sexuality – a huge gift but has also some danger to it – and it’s important because it’s about sacred connection of the devine masculine and devine feminine.

Be aware of the frequency of sexuality, because it brings up the emotions, and the emotions are the key to accessing the data that is stored in the Living Library.

The Family of Light has come onto the planet to receive energy from the Original Planners. This energy will create a genetic alteration and reactivate and rebundle the light-encoded filaments. The filaments will make up the twelve-helix system that can move the body into activation. This will make human beings very valuable because they will then be ready to be used to access the data that is stored in Earth.

What is this data that is so important? It is disguised in insects and flowers and pigs and donkey tails and rabbit ears and all kinds of things, and it is for you to discover. We want to emphasize that when the data was stored in the twelve libraries, it was stored in many different layers. When you came into the libraries, there were different codes of clearance. In other words, there were many different ways of entering the libraries. You could not just walk in and say, “I have free clearance to receive all of this information.” Just as there is now security clearance within your government, so the libraries holding this information had security systems.

There was reason to build the libraries in the first place, for the pulsation of tyranny was beating at the time. There was concern on the part of certain energies, the Keepers of Time, that information might get into the wrong hands. So, very playfully, libraries were designed in many different modes. The other libraries, or worlds, are not at all like your world. The task for the Keepers of Time was to engineer a project through which consciousness could evolve, have information, and be utilized to access information.

Originally; the role of the human occupant as the way shower to the library was one of great honor. Without the human occupant, one could not access the library; and the more tuned in the human occupant was, the more one could access the library. The human occupant had a certain pride in being loose enough and connected enough to find the data in all things.

If humans were the library cards, then some were better library cards than others. There was training that went into being the library card, and when beings came who wanted to find information on the planet, they would merge with the human occupant who was coded to respond to certain codes. If someone had a low code, they might only see a certain amount of something; each one came with the purpose of accessing specific information. Information was not withheld from someone because it was secretive, but because the information was not electromagnetically suited to their biological structure.

Data must be able to penetrate the belief system of an individual; otherwise, the individual could blow up if they are overwhelmed with energy that is not strongly tempered with love. When something is strongly tempered with love, it prevents the individual from blowing apart and keeps them focused on receiving a very enlarged concept. This is how large concepts are transduced onto this planet: they ride the love frequency.

Light frequency cannot carry large concepts because it is not connected with emotion. Love frequency is connected with emotion. When an individual is creating an expanded concept of themselves, there must be a love that gives the individual purpose. Without love, the individual does not feel there is purpose, and the individual must always feel connected with purpose to understand how vast things are.

You are going to discover someday that sex is part of the process. When you own your own sexuality, you will see the opportunities you have to express it, and you will decide whether you want to express it in those ways or not. As you become accessible, and as others utilize you to discover the library, you may have very interesting encounters as the years evolve. If you go back and study the scriptures and ancient manuscripts, you will understand that the gods came down and intermingled with the daughters of human beings.

Sexuality has been used to spark the library card. There is something very dangerous in this, however, because it has been misused. That is why it is very important to own your sexuality and be very certain whom you share it with. We don’t want any of you to be in a position to be bought or enticed. You are advised to look and see if you experience others as being honest and having integrity or whether they are flattering you. You are becoming stewards for power.

There are traditionalists who feel we are making entirely too much information available without supervision. We say that Earth is headed for a major collision, so no holds barred. We are flooding the planet, as are many others, with opportunities to remember. So, as you begin to amass this knowledge and these abilities, there will be others attracted to you for their own reasons because of what they can access through you.

When you are sexual with someone, it is like opening an avenue to the other libraries. It has to do with many, many things. Part of what we want all of you to do is love and honor your bodies, love yourself, and make certain that if you are going to be sexual with someone that the person really loves you. It doesn’t mean you are going to marry them. But there has to be love so that you know who you are bonding with; in this way, the discoveries that you make move between the two of you. We are not so much warning you as we are informing you, because you will see things happen to others who are not careful of their power.

In other words, sexuality is not something to fool around with. It is a way to open many avenues. If one does not approach it carefully, one can attract energies even without having a partner. If one is using sexuality to activate information, one could invite the wrong energies in. So be aware of the frequency of sexuality, because it brings up the emotions, and the emotions are the key to accessing the data that is stored in the Living Library.

So – be aware that Sexuality (in union) with love is VERY POWERFULL. No matter if it`s in 3D or above. But also be aware that it can be “misused” for sinister stuff. Like Energy-Vampyrs.

Source: Pleyaden

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