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Masks: SO Sanitary!

Published July 6, 2020 by tindertender

I’m sure the floors and all hands have been washed with disinfectant, and all that SPITTLE not being covered from flying off those faces … surely it’s not landing on the masks!

Wear the mask, possibly infected with virus ridden SPITTLE from uncovered faces while being constructed.

Sure … you’ll “save lives”.

Do you think these billboards along the freeways telling you to “stay home, and save lives” is anything other that ROTE instruction to get you to behave?

Massive manipulation happening right now in minds, and so many people are completely unaware and defenseless, all the while they attack their fellow human being for wishing to hold onto their freedom.

For their lack of “common sense”.

For their perceived lack of “care”.

Coming from people who are afraid to breath in this current world for fear of dying … I am utterly saddened by their vulnerability and manipulated behavior changes.

Those who allow fear to run their lives have no business telling anyone how to behave in life.

The fear ridden should stay home while those who are interested in LIVING freely continue to do so.

Seal yourself up, and do not come out to play.

Sound Cold?

I’m through with political correctness.

Cowboy up.

… Slaves, begging free people to be fined or jailed for not becoming slave, I’m just not able to accept that.

Mask on in 90 degree heat. Alone. Pulling weeds.
That is fear … I don’t care how people try to dress it up.
Facebook marked this one as “Fake News”. Hahaha, “the packaging verbiage is fake!” Wait until we revise the text … and then BELIEVE!!!!!

China officials report suspected bubonic plague case

Guess who’s making many of the masks being used here in the good ol’ USA?

Blue surgical masks

Published May 22, 2020 by tindertender

Written by:

These are made from a plastic called polypropylene.

”A study evaluated the possible effects of exposure to polypropylene “flock” on respiratory health.” Flock being defined as inhaled microfibers of the plastic.”50 polypropylene flocking workers were compared to a control group of 45 people.

”Work related respiratory symptoms were reported in 26% of exposed subjects & in 13.3% of the controls”…respiratory symptoms increased 3.6 times as much in the polypropylene flocking workers when compared to controls”, the study suggests the presence of subtle or the beginning of..lung disease in these polypropylene flocking workers. In conclusion,the authors found exposure to polypropylene flock in the work place to be associated with pulmonary function impairment.”

Does breathing in fibers damage health?”The presence of microplastics in human lung tissue was already demonstrated in the 1990’s by scientists investigating lung tissue of cancer patients,who expressed their concern plastic fibers may contribute to the risk of lung cancer.”

When particles remain in the lungs, they stay there for a long time because they are biopersistent, which could cause inflammation.”It also matters how long the fibers are, because longer fibers appear to be more damaging.”

Particle pollution has long been known to damage lung tissues, leading to cancer, asthma attacks & other health problems.”

Without question, a person who wears a blue surgical mask, made of polypropylene, for a prolonged period of time, is also inhaling polypropylene microfibers, which have been proven to be detrimental to the lungs & can lead to other health issues,such as cancer asthmatic attacks, etc. The detriment, potential detriment, to one’s physical health, now & future health, outweigh the social pressures, paranoia, security blanket need, that people have wrapped themselves up, & have become consumed mentally.

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