I Release the Dream

Published March 14, 2023 by tindertender

Here we are, between worlds. Stagnant are we, waiting to see what direction this river will take.

Will it flow?

Will it get jammed, as in a winter rage?

Will it dry up?

Will it create a new path?

I need not know. I need not know the players. I need not know my role. I need not know who’s right or who’s wrong, or how it ends.

I need not know what I deserve, or the fate of any other.

I release the dream and I step forth into a new reality, whatever that may be.

May the collection of life’s challenges be remembered as I pull from the strength gained thru them, resilient, persistent, determined … determined to live as happy as I am able despite those who would snuff the promise of reward.

I release the dream, while it still lives.

If it’s meant for me it will be.

After all, everything experienced, everything, can be used to shoot the arrow forward, or break the bow.


It’s where the Power is.

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