The Day is Coming

Published February 14, 2023 by tindertender

The day is coming when human beings learn to Love unconditionally.

The day we transcend all the barriers that separate us and keep us blind.

The day when we can trust each other, without fear of being crushed by greed and mistrust.

The day when we can look into each other’s eyes, without hiding anything, when we can value others for who they are and see the beauty in their hearts.

The day is coming when we are all equal, regardless of race, creed or social status.

That wonderful day when the living Beings that exist on Mother Earth can live sharing with us, without fear of being depredated by the Human Being.

The day when Trees are valued for their wisdom and not for their wood. The day when Water is our medicine and Love our Food.

And that day all the fears, the barriers, the sufferings, the injustices will only be a memory that will remain in our memories as a transcended learning.

The moment will come when we all reason together from the heart and not from the ego. And what we will see with the eyes of the heart will break down all barriers, all fears and selfishness, because we will be able to look into each other’s eyes and recognize the Divine Beauty that we carry within and Honor that Beauty with deep Gratitude.

Each of Us is here to fuel the emergence of that wondrous day.

Because each one of Us carries that memory inside and we long to return to that state of pure innocence in Love.

Because each one of Us is essential to the Great Cosmic Symphony and every time we open our hearts in Love, the entire Universe sings.

A Great Cosmic Party is being prepared and we are all invited, the entrance ticket is Love and Generosity, Coherence and Innocence.

Let’s talk about Love with words. Acting Love with the heart.

Let us be more Divine, through each Human act.

Let’s be consistent. If we talk about Love and Unity, let’s act that LOVE and UNITY through our actions.

Author Unknown

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