Published November 14, 2022 by tindertender

Written by @shiftingtimeline

Accountability isn’t about self-punishment or judging/condemning others. It’s an internal process of transmuting karmic residue through expanding consciousness to encompass deeper self-awareness in order to see reality, both within and outside, more truthfully. This means recovering suppressed personal and ancestral memories that are being expressed externally and contributing to separation consciousness.

As we come back to consciousness, we are able to access and feel through the layers of trapped emotional energy and clear their imprints from the karmic record, which are stored in the body. This is how we dissolve the shadow body and collapse old timelines that had us in their grip through unconscious identification. If we continue to identify with those obsolete aspects of ourselves, then we stay tethered to its corresponding vibrational field which will continue to manifest as our experience of reality.

This is what synthetic guilt and shame does. It convinces us we aren’t worthy of forgiveness. This is imposter consciousness of the lower mind trying to keep us in bondage to lower timelines so that we outsource our power. God/source isn’t vengeful. It’s an essence that lives within us all and is love. Love strives for reconnection through rehabilitation. This starts by taking responsibility for our own healing. From a place of deeper self trust and empowerment we receive divine grace and can be of true unconditional service to the divine will.

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