Awareness Is Key

Published October 27, 2022 by tindertender

I say we ought not to take things personally, yet at times, I do. I’m not perfect.

Change cannot occur without awareness. I am aware.

When speaking about things that make me uncomfortable, I vow to keep it impersonal … no names mentioned. I understand this can often times be considered gossip, even if what is said is the truth.

Hard to believe, but even at 56 years old I have a lot to learn still.

The last twenty years have been spent unlearning what I was trained to be, and altering habitual patterns to be of some benefit, to self, and the way self is presented in the world, hopefully affecting others in a good way.

This past weekend I identified in my communication methods something that needs to be adressed, and I’ll work on this one aspect until I feel I’ve got it under control. Wrestling ones personal methods of communicating can be a challenge, for certain.

It is my hope we can share patience with each other as we navigate our own issues, and hopefully deal with them in a good way so we are less likely to hurt each other.

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