Spirit Moves

Published October 19, 2022 by tindertender

The Spirit that moves us, that moves IN us, is no beast. The Spirit giving movement to this body of matter is not matter. It’s of a higher caliper, and those seeking to destroy the body, seek to destroy the Spirit inside.

Whatever you believe … if you think the inner Spirit is of Creator, God or Enki, or somethone/something else, is irrelevant. Whatever “it” is, it is not a beast to be enslaved, tormented, and butchered.

Indeed, we know the body of matter is a prized item, for many other spirits wish to steal the “house” from its occupant. It happens all the time. They’re called “walk-ins”. It can happen at the point of death, it can happen during an alcoholic or drug induced moment of auric and energetic weakness. It can happen because of an agreement with another spirit, for whatever reason… usually some form of power.

Guard yourselves.

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