This Holiday Season …

Published October 16, 2022 by tindertender

Cleaning my filing cabinet I recycled many old papers, it was such a potent time I felt compelled to light a candle and make it a ritual of release.

I came across a printed sheet with something inspiring on it, so am going to share it with you here.

One very important thing to learn, to improve your life metaphysically, is praise. It is about this time of year when we begin to think of family and friends that we know to identify blessings in our life. Here are a few suggestions.

1: Write down the names of your family, friends, and coworkers.

2: By each persons name write down something beneficial they have contributed in your life (even things that were “l sons” of what not to be.)

3: Recognize that because of ALL incidents in your life you have become what you are today.

4: Now write down all of the good qualities these people have taught you.

5: Each day between now and Christmas make an affirmation that says “I bless the quality of ____________ that grew in me because of ____________, and I bless (the person) ____________ who strengthened that quality in me.

6: Say it several times a day and see miracles that can occur in you, in your personality and in the personalities of the people around you.

7: You are proving the power of using spiritual laws in your life. Your faith is stronger. You begin to expect greater hood than you have ever had before.

8: You are a blessing during this holiday season.

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