Flicker Medicine

Published October 2, 2022 by tindertender

I’ve just been gifted a Flicker.

I’ve just learned that it is rare for a Flicker to give up its body to someone, gifting them powerful healing medicine.

The Spirit Realms know I love dearly the canine, and it was one of my furry children who delivered it to me.

I was taking the carrot bread out of the oven, turned around and “whoa!” Surprise!! It had already lost its body heat, so I know he didn’t kill it.

I contacted my Cherokee sister right away to ask how I should approach this, as my heart felt strongly connected to this little being.

She told me that Flickers don’t die on the ground. She said they tend to fly, and fly, until they cannot fly any more, and then they fall from the sky.

I knew instinctively this was meant specifically for me. This is huge!

I happened to have some leaves from the Sacred Tobacco, so I wrapped some with the sacred sage and cedar in cloth, added some frankincense and myrrh, special from me, with a prayer.

I wrapped the prayer tie with the bird, gently folding it into a plastic bag trying not to mess the feathers, and put it in the freezer.

She will help me create a medicine fan from its wings and feathers this winter.

I am extremely honored that this magical bird chose me for this blessing.

Thank you Flicker friend, thank you Creator, my King my God, thank you Spirit Family. I was told today that I am heavily protected, and this gift confirms it.

In great gratitude ….

Thank you for loving me.


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