October ~ Huge Changes

Published September 30, 2022 by tindertender

Written by @AnkhetAmenti

October, the month of Huge Changes, is almost here. We are entering eclipse season. Mercury, Pluto & Saturn are going to go direct. The energy is swift, sudden, powerful & transformational. Universe is pushing you to move forward towards your life path & reacess your choices.

Seriously, some people refuse to change their life & then be mad at you cause they want you to perform miracles on them.

I’m sorry, there is a thing called Free Will. Use it to detach from your own toxicity. That’s how real healing works. I could cleanse your energy, activate your chakras to work in a healthy manner, but you going back to that toxic environment or habits would complicate things.

Inner/Shadow work can’t be replaced, anyone claiming otherwise is BSing & following the common business model of this industry. A healer’s true power lies in empowering you with skills & helping you recognize your own potential to heal yourself.

If you’re looking for an easy way out, you’re doing yourself disservice. You have to know how to work with open chakras, how to protect your energy, be mindful of choices you’re making, who you give access to in terms of allowing in your energy field.

Without this knowledge you’re basically a free flowing energy source for the sourceless, the chupacabras, energy vampires. And they would latch themselves to you until you’re back where you started. This is basic shit you’re not being told. This amounts to cheating people.

New Age Healers are no less than the doctors who give pills & cure nothing in long term. You cannot do someone’s inner work for them, neither can you remove their karmic lessons. You can surely become a participant in receiving karmic lessons that aren’t yours to deal with.

Saving yourself from exploitation, betrayal is your job. Common sense is going to be a growing necessity in coming times. Those who fail to achieve that state of mind & have an inner knowing of reading between the lines are going to be forced to deal with self created turmoils.

The cosmic energies around are going to force people to reveal their true intentions. The collective is going through a Dark Night of the Soul. Shocks will be common. Instead of resisting the truth, accept it. It’ll help you move on faster & you can move into healing mode.

These truths will revolve around general life related matters as well as interpersonal relationships. If you’re surrounded by energy vampires you’ll see them for what they are because they’ll keep putting it in your face.

Major relationship cycles will end with family/friends/romantic partners who are not for your highest good. North node in Taurus leaves little room for BS & flaky energy. Only grounded truths will make sense & provide comfort to the collective.

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