The Receiver

Published September 22, 2022 by tindertender

Just listen as they seize the opportunity that you so generously delivered.

What do they do/say in relation to that opportunity?

Is it kind, or demanding and presumptive?


I, for the moment, think negative thoughts that appear out of the blue are manipulations of the mental body field, sometimes triggering responses in the emotional body field, caused/affected by the vibrations (seen/unseen) running in consciousness within the vicinity occupied.


Thoughts are often implants and manipulations. People are so used to claiming them as their own, they are led by them, and those who planted the seed.

Until folks recognize this, become aware of the flow of thought and its pattern, they will not be able to accept or reject thought forms by choice.

Only when the thoughts are laid out in front of us can we choose them. Up to now, it’s mostly been a subconscious program in the collective of the masses.

Choose the thought, or reject it accordingly.
It’s where your power resides.


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