Truth Bomb

Published September 2, 2022 by tindertender

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By now, you’re aware of the HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT nature of how they operate. This here ⬇️ is a literal admission, I promise you. But fear not: that Satan is weak (Biden is a Lilith 🐍, who already retired her post to younger siblings).

Find the humor.

Try to think of it like a movie. A live action interactive movie. A video game, if you prefer.

Of course Satan herself had to play the role of the ostensible leader of the ostensible free world for the apocalypse.

“Battle for the SOUL of the nation”
Come ON, man!! 😂😈

And of course the 33.3% of rebellious angels.

Although very few recall the 33.3% of the second rebellion (the False Light). Those are the ones to keep an eye on bc they’ll present as benevolent saviors.

For the record, Lilith has no desire to torture those she tricked endlessly. She’s BORED of all this now.

She had a primary purpose in the creation of the lower realms of the cosmos & achieved it.

Full circle return to her return to the Meadow (Eden) as the serpent. Fractals!

Before she descended/split into good & evil duality, Lily was lovely.

Lilith: “of the night/darkness”; “demon spirit”
Liliana: “pledged from God”; “sworn to God”

Lily had always been her Father’s favorite. Daddy’s girl, through & through.🎀

Redemption arcs are why we’re here.

It was the second Satan, Samæl, who had the tumultuous & antagonistic relationship with his parents. Who sought to exalt himself ABOVE them & his older siblings.

The blind god, aka the Demiurge (fallen) Sophia sought to “abort.” The OG Problem Child had Reactive Attachment D/O.

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