Healthy Snacks

Published September 2, 2022 by tindertender

I’ve made another batch of juiced vegetables and apples. Light Food for the Light Body.

I drink a pint of this nearly every morning over a couple hours. Some people complain of diarrhea, eating something solid like toast with it helps.

I’m also making ginger chews. These are a great thing to keep in the bedside drawer for all you midnight snackers. It has helped me to stay in bed rather than roam the kitchen for munchies.

I made a very potent ginger decoction before adding the sugars. Sure heats up the mouth!! This is the best spoon lick ever!!!

The candy is a hard candy rather than a chew. Next time I won’t cook to the same temperature (250 degrees), I’ll stop at 220 degrees or so.
The best ginger candy ever!
So much better than store bought!

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