Death Does Not Stop Need

Published June 29, 2022 by tindertender

The dead still need energy.

They want you weak, you can be certain.

I’m not speaking of those who continue to live after body transformation and transition.

I speak of those who have separated from the Life Force of Creation… willingly.

Very brief …

There needs to be a catalyst opening the door to Life Force energy.

This is why alcohol is still being pushed so hard, why three letter agencies fostered and delivered drugs to communities, blaming another for this terrorism.

Those who partake in energy altering substances are altering their personal shield, their auric field.

A process needed so the vampire can attach and feed.

Alcohol and/or drugs break down the bioform auric field and shield, weakening it. This weakness permits the dead, among others, to enter auric field space and vampire the energy of the bioform, the Life Force.

Vampires feasting on the energy of others, on a different frequency brought about by specific state of health.

The living feasts on the dead.
The dead feast on the living.
A viscous cycle.

When the living stop feasting on the dead, the dead will stop feasting on the living.

This because a bioform nourished by foods which have stored the energy of the Sun within them, nourished our body and energy best. We are “light” beings. We need light, outside and inside.

Eating from the grave, meat imbued with fear, pain, suffering of many kinds, lowers the bioform frequency… weakening it, allowing the unseen vampire access to the life force energy of the body.

Many have chosen the eat living foods rather than feast on the dead. They are choosing to break the cycle…. living feast on dead, dead feast on living… they are shifting into a new way of being with self, and with the life surrounding us.

If the bioform is fueled by the Sun, by life force energy, vampires have a serious issue and difficulty feasting, for the fields and the shields are nourished, strong.

Water flushes the heavy energies from the body. One reason why our water rights have been nearly demolished by the controllers. They know it is a tool to cleanse and purify the toxic energy they inject into the bioform, attempting to lower the shield so they can feast.

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