The Zero Point Field

Published April 26, 2022 by tindertender

Scientists say that The Zero Point Field is the place from which all possibilities, all options, basically everything, originates. It’s like THE cosmic drawing-board. A place where your soul can try out any experience you would like. It’s a place to find your self, the truth, and the heart of creation from your point of view. It’s all about YOUR experience and transmuting the suffering aspects into a higher vibration such as joy. Those experiencing ascension will find their way organically. As our world morphs and transmutes with the increasing light codes from the universe we will find that we need to anchor our consciousness to the highest aspect of ourselves at source…the Zero Point Field.

People are beginning to use “zero point” in metaphysical terms because it’s the point where for just a moment, you are in a peaceful state of knowing that all things will spring back. When you allow yourself to be in a “zero point state,” you give yourself a moment to connect with a quiet part of yourself. This is why yogis say that meditation is so key. It is in this place of quiet that you will discover that you are spirit. You are always connected. You are never “dead” or “dying.” You are a constant ball of energy moving here and there. In being human and having these experiences, we get to feel the pull and tug of ego and spirit. It’s totally natural and human. There is no reason to beat yourself up for feeling the pull of the ego. Just know that eventually, you will hit the “zero point” where you will get a glimpse of perspective and “see the Light”.

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