Published April 11, 2022 by tindertender

I now see another potential for the emotional upheaval I have experienced for 3.5 days.

What if the CME’s, the geomagnetic storms that have recently released upon us, are actually eliminating many beings in close proximity, just beyond the veil.

What if these beings are really pissed off and energetically spewing on their way out of the system, and those of us who are energy sensitive and empathic, telepathic and psychic, are “receiving” the message, the info, through the antennae which is our body, as it is being spewed into the ethers.

What if these emotions we are experiencing are not our own, but of those who are leaving … and we experience it as our own emotion, because that is just the way this world has been operated for a very long time … our emotions and thought forms, implants from the unseen energy vampires.

To me, this revelation speaks clearly.

It’s “Game Over”.

2 comments on “Revelation

  • these are the times we are living out of our “tool boxes’. I”ve been collecting items for YEARS..but what’s been constant to help out during this storm is daily detoxing (& Intermittent Fasting)…keeping up with energy work/spirit/MEDITATION helps a great deal for /connection to higher aspects of self and a continual unfoldment of self. So keep going…this is IT…take care of yourself as best you can. Love yourself. It takes COURAGE to be here now. OMG. Anyway, You know the outcome. We’re here together supporting each other. This is temporarily & shifting rapidly.

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  • I associate physical detoxification & spiritual/energetic maintenance (which includes a pleathora of things one can do to remain as balanced as possible whilst getting bombarded with energies from everywhere. Never leave the house without protection. Daily.

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