They Created Us

Published April 14, 2022 by tindertender

Given the seeding of this planet, and the care given to life upon it by so many Star Nation Family members, I ask the question …

Will those who wish to command the entirety of life upon this beautiful planet, those who wish to mutate it into an AI sort of life form, destroying the natural ecosystems that support the original seeded life, be successful in maintaining their current trajectory of domination over this life and planetary system?

Enslavement seems to be the current situation and experience. Greed and lust and self-destructive patterns result in upset. This situation is encased in secrecy, the severity of this truth is currently veiled from most minds.

The oppressors will experience a loss in this scenario, their plans ruined, the attempt for total control and domination will not materialize. For us this means an ending to a difficult situation. We are released and ready for a new beginning.

You may feel slightly detached from outside events, go on an inner retreat, or be too tired to participate for the moment. Take time for rest and replenishment.

You were deceived in the past. Someone was not honest with you, they had a hidden agenda. Know that selfish victories are short lived.

Care is needed to maintain balance to ensure everything progresses smoothly and flows harmoniously. This can be attained.

You are sensitive to betrayal and persecution, looking for signs of it repeating. Emotions are highly charged and fluctuating like a pendulum swinging back and forth. Feelings of intuition and gut instincts are heightened. It is important not to jump to any conclusions.

Others have been aware of your suffering. Spend time delving within to discover your fears of what “might” be, and whether the fear is making it more “real” than it ought to be.

Unexpected opportunities will suddenly appear and bring welcome changes. Remain open, as it may involve the need to make a major choice. There are moments in life when we need to take a leap of faith and travel along paths that are unknown to us, and we grow as a result of our experiences.

Life will be prosperous, and endeavors successful, bringing financial reward. There may be a marriage or inheritance documents coming to you. An official letter of importance may arrive.

There are material gains that allow you to share with others. You will also share your time with them. If a debt has been outstanding, it should be received now.

Home and family are secure. There is satisfaction in being settled and materially secure. You and yours enjoy a firm and comfortable foundation.

Something you’ve been waiting for finally comes through. If you have a situation that you have methodically developed and patiently waited for and as yet have seen no results, you will find them forthcoming at last!

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