Grimoire of Humanity

Published March 27, 2022 by tindertender


Sanatana Dharma is about the macrocosm [Brahman] and the microcosm [Atman]. To put it simply, an individual matters as much as the world.

The dark forces wrote a storybook of reality in which they were in the position of power and inserted their story book, a fairy tale of a grim life, into our dreams to align our consciousness to theirs. Their technique of hijacking our reality away from the Kingdom of the One True Creator was accomplished using a strategy of death by a 1000 cuts, the storybook being one of those cuts. These cuts were not to flesh but to our energy fields, to our connection to all things associated with our divine nature, our connection to the One. They systematically severed each connection we had to our spirit by diverting our attention away from our inner world, the book of love encoded in our DNA by the Creator. They tried to replace the beautiful love story given to us by the Creator of All with a fairy tale on how to live a controlled life of suffering. They of course were doomed to failure as they could not take away the love that was truly ours because love is our true nature. They could only divert our attention away from it to make us believe their story was our story. Here lies the great deceit we are awakening to reject and return home.

I have had the good fortune to work with many outstanding spiritual teachers/ healers. One taught me how to connect to Source light and expand so large in my light ( more expansive than the earth) and from this state delete, destory and uncreate anything in my energy field I did not prefer to be there. I have spent many, many hours clearing my energy using this strategy in order to raise in frequency to become free. A second teacher, a good friend of mine, taught me to use the power and authority of my divine spirit to command away any negative energies and create the reality I desire. Both taught me how to use my free will choice to create my reality and most importantly, they helped me to connect to and use the power of the love & light that resides within. This is a power of such high magnitude evil can not withstand its frequency.

Therefore, the key to transforming our life and the world lies within remembering the power of our love and light, the essence of who we are by focusing our attention inward so we may rewrite the story of our lives and of the world. It is that simple. We can use our gift of divinity to empower ourselves and disempower all evil by what we choose to pay attention to. When we pay attention to and live from the image of the Creator within, the divine spark, the mirrored fractal, using the power and authority of our divine spirit, we have the authority to consciously destory the grim fairy tale of the darkness and write a new but ancient story of our existence living in heaven on earth. You see? We have the capacitance of the light of a billion suns and the power of an infinite flow of love within. These seeds of consciousness are the prima materia from which we can write the story of our reality. We no longer pay attention to the crappy book the darkness forced upon us. By the power and authority of our spirit we delete, destory and uncreate it as a force in our reality. We pay attention to the love and light we are and live from it. As a result of this shift, we sever the flow of our attention and thus energy, to the grim fairy tale.

If no one reads it, its lines shall be forgotten and its pages shall turn to ash and blow away In the wind to be nevermore because the love-light of our divinity is forevermore.

I think it is accurate to say in our hearts we desire to live in a world in which all humans are safe, fed, clothed and have sufficient shelter. We desire suffering to end and be replaced by a world governed by love. We can create such a world based on the fundamental laws of the universe, one of the most relevant is as within, so without. Everything is energy and the world we create is based upon the collective energy, the sum total of the emotional vibration each human emits. Thus, to create a world in which we are all safe, we must feel safe. To create a world in which all children are safe and treasured our inner child must feel safe and treasured. The healing of our inner child helps to increase our frequency to that of love. I am confident to state a fair percentage of the 1000 cuts by the dark forces to sever our connection with spirit & to write us into their story book was focused on the inner child.

The dark forces know well the laws of the universe and how they operate. They used these to write the story for humanity including a chapter on how to have a grim fairy tale indeed illustrating the power of as within so without. Now is the time to remember this key law to our advantage to align us to the love of the Creator in order that we may write the story of paradise on earth to heal our inner children creating a world that is safe for all children throughout the planet. In order to accomplish this we must take the hero’s journey inward and heal those cuts that are wounds to our inner child. It is time to close the gate to create a garden of safety for all children and for ourselves. Our healed inner child holds the key – as within so without. Once healed we will experience a major increase in frequency. Without this knowledge so many people spin their wheels in the sea of information in the hopes of changing the world. Yet if they do a lot of talking and don’t take action to heal their inner world, their efforts to change the outer world are minimized. Transformation of the planet is the result of transformation of the self. As we heal the severed connections to the love we are, we create a planet filled with love. It is time to walk the talk in a way aligned with the laws of the universe to enact permanent positive change on earth, creating a paradise of love.

There are so many beautiful healers including those who have healed themselves. I would like for anyone who feels inspired to add the healing modalities that have worked for you to heal on any level to help others to know how to heal.

Some healing methods I have used that I found most effective with inner child: art therapy, EMDR, homeopathy, prayers/invocations, energy attunements, many, many energy clearings from very skilled high frequency loving healers, also some of my messages helped me to heal.


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