Universal Life Code ~ Upgrades!

Published March 17, 2022 by tindertender

You are more than a human body … feel the scalar light gamma waves coming from the central sun … open your heart chakra & feel the power. Universal life code is penetrating your layered body system rewriting your DNA 🧬 code genomes.

When they said “nobody can stop what’s coming” this is what they meant … not the silly BS narratives people are floating around & selling you memberships to.

The cosmos is giving you all you need, you’ll just need to recognize IT!!!!!!!!

DNA is a biological computer model that recognizes, stores & transmits light codes … your original templates are being gradually reactivated. Your multidimensional chakra portals are powering back up. It’s like fiber optic cables … that communicate with the quantum field … feel it! Everything else is literally a distraction!

Chakras = wormholes … travel freely and at will … no religion would dare teach you this! They can’t make money or control you if they did.


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