A Fresh Start

Published March 17, 2022 by tindertender

We have believed that love is to give and we have given it. In faith we served as best as we knew how. Always, when our bowl was empty, you saw that it was filled once again. Now we are strong in our belief that there is always plenty. We are rich in so many ways. Our love spreads to all we call our spiritual family. Truly, all who live on Earth are our relatives, for they all give to us and all work together in the greater scheme of life. I offer my friends and relations, my children and all creatures, that which you have given me. I have attained the consciousness of oneness. Our interconnections are clear. Guide me now, all the way home.

Your relationship to all things is becoming clear. Everything is consciousness in formation. Each tree and flower is a live, sentient being. Every crawling creature, the swimmers, the flyers, the four-leggeds, and the two-leggeds are beings with whom you are in relationship.

You are surrounded by these brothers and sisters. You are never alone.

We live in a cluttered world of things in the present time. Many of the things are dead in the sense that they have been created without consciousness. They were manufactured without a thought of quality and certainly no one’s personal energy. These things must steal life from you in order to exist. On the other hand, consider a gift handmade, or a pot made by a tribal craftsperson as the only cooking vessel for her family. These gifts are alive with the consciousness of their creator. They enrich your life every time you look at them.

In a cluttered world, you have been taught to ignore many things, things that do not serve your purpose. They are “trash.” Trash is a concept of the cluttered world of dead things. Even people have been thought of as disposable, forgotten. Some animals have been deemed worthless and killed. Yet the world continues to increase production of dead things, trash for us to ignore.

You can no longer ignore this waste. The Earth has come alive for you and everything lives. You become friend of the knife that cuts your bread which feeds you. You respect the shovel that digs the hole to plant grain which is your meal. You feel kindly toward the worm that aerates the soil that feeds the garden that grows your food. And life is suddenly full of friends.

Your bowl is indeed full now. Your values have changed. You are still in the world, but not of the world. The world is a different place to you now.

You are moving away from the idea of separation and toward the understanding that you are in relationship to all that is. Like any relationship to anyone, it is something to be developed and appreciated. It is a richly active thing. There are no longer dead and meaningless parts of life that burden and encumber you. This is a ride to true family and meaningful life.

~ The Medicine Woman, Carol Bridges

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