The Seat of Power

Published March 1, 2022 by tindertender

If you wake in the night with a fear type feeling in your belly, and it isn’t a dream or nightmare, or even if it is, someone in the unseen is trying to create imbalance in the Solar Plexus and harvest loosh from your body. Breathe into it, it should dissipate in a moment. If the energy is too strong, get up and drink water, it will assist in washing the energy away.

This imbalance can occur throughout the day also. If you are working away, feeling fine, then this energy hits your solar plexus, it is nefarious individuals in the unseen attempting to create imbalance so they can harvest the loosh from the body. Drink water, a lot of it, as much as you can stand, until it pours out of you, and do not complain. The energy will wash away and balance will be restored.

Remember the breathe. Move the breath all the way down into the Solar Plexus, allow the belly to expand with this breath, and see the energy of the Solar Plexus expanding, flushing out of your body any imposter/invader energies, see this in your mind.

Most of the imbalance we experience in life is manipulated specifically for energy loosh harvesting. It has nothing to do with our inadequacies, or guilt, or shame, or lack … these “ideas” are simply used as tools to generate the loosh. Manipulation of consciousness is one of our foes specialties. There are many patents listed which tell us their skill level. They will manipulate others around us to generate this imbalance within our bodies as well.

In these now moments, when systems underground are being destroyed, those who live on the energy created by the suffering of the HUman physical, mental and emotional bodies are becoming very hungry.

Be patient, persevere, and get in touch with your energy. Balance cannot be achieved without awareness.

In Balance:

  • Confidence
  • Balanced Willpower
  • Action-oriented
  • Balance Between Hustle and Flow
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Power of Choice
  • Follow Through
  • Clear Sense of Purpose
  • Healthy Digestion
  • Process Energy and Information
  • Calm – Responding Rather than Reacting
  • Healthy Leadership

Out of Balance:

  • Need for Control/Fear of Loss of Control
  • Feeling of Helplessness, Irresponsibility
  • Manipulation
  • Narcissistic Tendencies/Ego
  • Power Trips
  • Lack of Ambition
  • Lack of Purpose
  • Not Following Through with Goals/Plans
  • Rage
  • Anxiety
  • Working too hard

If you have found that you are experiencing an imbalance in the Solar Plexus Chakra, a simple way to begin to balance is by working with the energy already inside of you. Tigers Eye is a wonderful stone to assist in the balance of our energy center. Wear it as a necklace, bracelet and ring. Partner with its properties in meditation.

  • Place Tigers Eye on your Solar Plexus
  • Place your hand or hands over the Tigers Eye
  • Begin to visualize energy radiating into your Solar Plexus
  • See a yellow or white light filling the space under your hands and beginning to expand outward until it envelopes your entire body
  • Rest in this cocoon of solar plexus energy, it feels good, listen to your intuition.

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