Freedom For The Collective!

Published February 28, 2022 by tindertender

It has been said that this Earth school is the only place where free will exists, that all other places have rigid rules citizens must adhere to, sort of like the tyrannical methods that have been used in the last couple years and the push for governments to gain the power over the human body in totality … control what you will get injected with, what you are able to eat, your fitness schedule, have the ability to cut power to your vehicle wherever you are, and freeze your bank account so you cannot purchase goods.

They’ve been training free will out of children for generations! The schooling system is to create adults who know how to follow instruction, while rewarded with a Letter Grade for performance levels… did you follow instruction well enough?

This continues into adulthood. You do your job, you get a yearly review (or not) and maybe you’re fortunate enough to get a little extra pay, or a bonus. Your reward for being a good boy and girl. Maybe you’ll even get promoted and be able to wield authority over those less fortunate. Gain power … and the desire to keep the dream alive.

I hear the HUman is a thorn in the side of the oppressor …. for some reason Source Creator gifted HUman with the ability to do whatever they want.

(“You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.” ~ Matthew 10:12. It is said this was Jesus, as Creator …. but it is clear to me they use the story and apply new names and characters with each generation of HUman. Drugging them so they are disconnected from the ability to see truth. And yes, the HUman is hated).

The spirit, that viral power within the HUman, the fire that smolders or rages, is what the oppressor is trying to douse.

HUman challenges the tyrannical control agenda by exorcising the gift of free-will.

Want to know what the war is? It’s over HUman consciousness and the power that resides within the body energy centers (chakras).

The HUman is feasted upon. While they all want to be us, and can’t, they choose to harm us instead … while we sleep.

The liberation of the Earth School means the liberation of other systems under tyranny.

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