Finest Manipulation

Published February 28, 2022 by tindertender

Any sudden thought of doubt, or worry of mischief going on, anything that brings about some sort of disturbance … making you want to get up out of bed and look out the living room window to be sure no ones fooling around … those thoughts, are thought implants by those who manipulate consciousness, and they are very good at what they do.

We need to be aware of those thoughts that pop into our head out of the willy-nilly blue, of anger or paranoia are not our own, and there really isn’t any reason we need to get all distressed over a thought implant.

There is no reason in this now moment to get agitated over a thought that has nothing to do with this now moment.

Of course it will be different if you are in the midst of chaos and trauma.

However, if things are smooth and flowing along with no hitches, then out of nowhere you are experiencing paranoia, or anger, or depression, these are most likely thought implants, meant to keep you in a state of suffering.

The energy of fear and suffering are easy to expand and manipulate. Cause scene, get people riled … easy peasy. Create pandemic, get people in fear and paranoia, easy peasy.

The energies of the population have been manipulated for a very long time. While we slept (behind forgetfulness, the veil), we were bled for the electricity of our e-motion-al energetic output, our SOLar Light Energy, the force of Primordial Light of Source Creation.

Recognize the manipulation.

End the game.

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