Love & Law

Published January 6, 2022 by tindertender

Excerpts from the book Love & Law the Unpublished teachings by Ernest Holmes.


Realize you have nothing to make, you have nothing to make it out of. Let us realize there is but one Infinite Life from which all things come. Look beyond all manifestation and see the One Power, Essence of All That Is, beside which there in nothing else. That life is in me now. That life is in me now.

Now, my word is to go forth; everybody must think it through for themselves as I am thinking it through for myself. Your word is just as much as mine; my word goes forth into this power and it shall be done unto me absolutely as I believe.

I believe that the Spirit or Intelligence hears this word and receives it and acts upon it.


There are but a few points you must always remember: Since all is Mind and the only activity of Mind is thought, and the only thing you get out of Mind is what you first think into it, what you think is of the greatest importance. How you think it, the bigness with which you think it: If you could only conceive a very small thing, that is all you would physically get. Here we realize that we are not dealing with anything that is physical. There is no physical explanation for anything on earth or anything else and there never will be. All manifestation is backed up by a definite idea. Every idea is a thought in your life and mind and everything that happens to us is backed up by some mental attitude.

We have on the one hand all Mind, or the substance which forms itself around our thought; on the other hand, we have the thought around which it forms. And there is something you must never forget: that Life can only operate for us by flowing through us, never in any other way.


When we use it in a certain way, we get results. So you can know perfect law, know that your word destroys everything that is imperfect, breaks down every man-made law, every material law, and know that your word is the law unto this case.


Here is another mistake; here is a psychological mistake, or a mistake of psychology. I cannot plaster my thought into his. That would mean you had a mind and he had a mind. That is not the truth because there is nothing but Mind and you both are in it, and in this race consciousness there is thought operating against this Mind and that is where you have got to destroy it. Do you understand? First, you must realize that you are a mental being, or spiritual; you are perfect; and your word is perfect – it is absolute. This is not taking anything away from God. God is still God, and God is still All. But you are recognizing that God has given you power also as God has. You have got to know absolutely that your word is the law unto this case; it is. If it was not, you could not heal anything. So then, quite definitely I would state to begin with, and often I have to do it now, I declare often, “My word is the law unto this case, absolutely.” And it is not enough to declare that word with a sort of empty meaning; that must be backed up by the consciousness that recognizes what you mean. You must feel that beyond your word there is an infinite power, and intelligence that is causation; it is right out into it. That is making your unity with the Infinite. Then, you know that your word destroys every man-made law that anybody has made about this person that says man is poor and sick and miserable and has to die of tuberculosis. Your word must have that power itself of casting out.


As long as you and I are too personal, suppose I sit down in front of that person and say, “I’ve got to heal him. It is a big job.” I could not do a thing. My consciousness has got to realize that Mind is universal, that it knows everything, that it is all-powerful at all times. The time will come when one’s consciousness will be so strong that they will heal as they pass along, that one can heal a thousand people at once. There is such a state of consciousness.


Remember – if you want to get a big thing, you have got to expand your consciousness so you would be able to receive a big thing if it were to come to you. There is always a reciprocal action between mind and that which is universal and that which is individual, and when it is flowing through you, you must realize you are dealing with a law which cannot demonstrate. You are not taking any chance, you are not asking questions, you are not making any supplications – no, you are not making a prayer from the ordinary standpoint of prayer. You are using a power which is and you have the right to use it and it will reach right up to your ability to use it. It is limited by our mental concept, absolutely.

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