Published December 31, 2021 by tindertender

You have seen and unseen allies.
Draw upon their strength.
Join forces with friends and flourish.

Today I focus on the good and happy Spirits in my life. The ones that build me up instead of tearing me down. I am rich with the joy and beauty brought to me by my friends.

Photo: Unsplash

Beware of false prophets
Individual expression is stirring
Good news and abundant energy
Look within and choose your path, avoid fanciful choices
Harness the power of the unconscious mind to affect change and healing
Intuition is more reliable than intellect at this time
Temporary withdrawal brings peace and gives time for planning next move
Completed cycle, well done
You have come to know and be at peace with yourself
Using skills within a group to achieve a goal
Inner work and self reflection
You know what you want from the situation you are in
Do not exclude those with a genuine interest in you
Strength in reserve
Stored energy is now released for healing
Embracing a new vision with compassion

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