Affirmations ~ December 5, 2021

Published December 5, 2021 by tindertender

Neuroplasticity happens when connections are made across the neural network in our brain. Essentially, our brain creates super-highways that it travels quickly in response to outside stimuli. Thought patterns that are repeated often create massive highways that the thought travels on. The more the thought occurs, the more it will occur.

One of the most effective ways to reprogram the mind, to reformat the consciousness, is through using affirmative statements. I share with you examples that you may find helpful should you wish to use them to assist in reformatting the thinking mind.

On The Wings Of Freedom – Birds Flying And Broken Chains – Charge Concept
By Romolo Tavani, Public Domain

I believe in destiny. I move into what I love most passionately, I shine light and I enter light … everything I hope and dream for is waiting for me.

I evaluate my challenges, there is always something there which will make me stronger. I seek this gift, this opportunity. I know these challenges are here to help me grow into my fullest potential.

I transform my so-called enemies and challenges into divine opportunities for maximum awakening.

I choose these lessons and have all the answers I need to succeed.

I go forth with purpose.

I am aware of my sovereignty and true self.

This is a time of renewal, a great time of creativity and love.

Light is shining on all things which have been kept in the dark, all will be known. Intuition increases.

I move deeper into Divine Love. I know there is more than human love and I aim to find it. I seek union with a divine force. I seek the eternal, not temporary pleasure.

My soul is not possessed by things, or people, around me.

There is magic and wonder in every now moment. I recognize it and interact with it without moving too far ahead into the future.

I open to transformation with open heart and open mind.

I celebrate each success no matter how small it may appear.

I am expanding.

I attract everything needed to boost this process. I allow integration to occur.

I trust in the cycles of my life, my work, and my own spiritual growth.

Through unconditional love, I thrive.

I honor those I encounter of like mind. I see my own courage, wisdom and adventurous spirit reflected in them. I recognize their good qualities and I am grateful.

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