Collaborative Dreaming

Published December 5, 2021 by tindertender

Your heart is big enough to dream not only for yourself, but for a new humanity. Imagine a world that is healed with respect, understanding and with community that fosters life. Even your dreams that relate to you alone will contribute positively to the greater good because that is the nature of your heart. Your heart naturally and intelligently co-operates in a grand scheme of loving creativity, working to heal the hearts of the world. The heart creates win-win situations that benefit the individual and the collective.

You are being asked to honor your growing desire to co-create with conscious, like-minded people. Your collaborative dreaming is a heart-inspired win-win, bringing mutual enchantment to yourself and others. The heart wants to love and be loved. Working with others creatively is a way to allow the heart to grow. It is a chance for you to learn how to honor yourself and others and to find ways to live and let live, simply by growing and strengthening your active trust in your hearts guidance.

Bear through the rough patches that can happen when you work creatively with others. Ideas might clash and there can be friction, particularly if you have different ways of working. Sometimes big dreams need more fire to ignite them into reality. More fire might require more friction along the creative path. It is not meant to be a permanent condition! Just an aspect of the creative process from which you can learn something useful, if you wish. Your guidance is to embrace any experiences of friction or tension – within yourself or as you work with another – with compassion, detachment and tolerance.

Creative endeavors, particularly involving groups, can bring up unresolved issues about being valued, heard or capable. They can also trigger disputes about taking responsibility, or enflame insecurities about being cast into unfamiliar roles of leadership or of having to follow. This might happen for you, for others or for all involved! The stronger the creative energy that flows, the more likely that triggering will take place. It is the nature of creative energy to move in all directions. It doesn’t just want to grow one project, everything that comes into contact with it will grow. That means that the art and the artists are in the process of creation. This can be smooth but it is more likely to be rough sailing – at least at times. This is not a sign that something isn’t working – far from it! It is more usually a sign that growth is happening and you are feeling the growing pains.

Stay in your integrity, honor what you feel and remember why you chose to open up to group endeavors in the first place – especially if the group involvement becomes complex or challenging. Call on unconditional love each day and evening, it only takes a moment to do: “I call on unconditional love. Please help and guide me in this project.”

You are going through this experience or will be in the near future because you are part of a new creative learning program for humanity. This learning program is taking place at a spiritual level and it requires highly individualistic and creative people to learn to work with each other without compromising who they are, in order to reach a common creative goal. It is wonderful, important and challenging creative and spiritual work. You need a strong sense of self to be able to engage in the process and not lose your voice during the journey. You need a strong enough sense of self to be flexible and know when to bend – rather than break. You have to intuit what is going to be a good heart inspired sacrifice for the greater good and when you will need to stay true to your own voice, for the greater good. Only the heart can guide you on these matters and others may not always agree with your instincts, and vise versa. That is part of the challenge of staying present so that the friction created can be channeled into creative energy, rather than lost in emotional turmoil.

Please remember that what really matters is that you hear your own voice. Others may or may nort be able to receive it. When you hear your own voice you will be able to connect with your heart truths. You will know when it is right to remain in a group or when you need to withdraw in order to work with others who resonate at a more appropriate vibration and perhaps more in harmony with your own. Not every collaboration will be long term. Sometimes the learning will be short, sharp and possibly even painful, before it turns into the wisdom that is gained from experience. At other times the journey will be more loving, supportive and harmonious. This is neither better nor worse, just different.

You are no longer to think of yourself as the lone wolf. Yes, you have your unique path to tread, but you now have tasks to accomplish for you own growth and the greater good that require more than a one-man-band. You will still do your own work, of course. However others are on the way to help you. There is only so much a single drop of water can do on its own, though it is precious. Together those drops can become a wave and make a considerable impact in the world. You are a part of a wave of loving consciousness and you are meant to be exploring collaborative dreams, healing relationships and conscious communities. Some connections will be short lived and perhaps involve some learning experiences that you are hopeful of never needing to repeat. Others will be longer term loves. Either way, you will emerge more of yourself and more in connection with the world that wants your ideas, presence, energy and light.

If you are struggling in a group and wondering whether to continue or to let it go and move on, trust your heart and don’t allow any group to become more powerful that the wisdom of your own heart. Always allow the sacred rebel within you to question authority! Is it loving and wise authority? Or is it coming from a place of fear-based control? Look to your hearts wisdom to discern whether your involvement in a group is healthy or not. Sometimes a group can only receive so much of our energy before it is time to move on. Sometimes a group is not receiving us at all but we feel that we are meant to be a guiding hand in it for a period of time, before our heart urges us to let go. Ask for guidance, do the healing process below and trust in the feelings that become clear to you over time. You will know what to do and you must always trust your own voice above any other.

Healing process ::
Imagine a chain of paper dolls, all connected, forming a circle.

Imagine that the circular chain of paper dolls can be filled with a beautiful golden light, which begins in the heart of each paper doll. The light shines out and shimmers, making the paper dolls radiant, shining and golden.

Imagine a feeling of love, connection, help and goodwill shining along with golden light.

Stay with that image or feeling as long as feels good for you. Then simply open your eyes and you have completed your healing process.

Artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison

Sacred Rebels oracle by Alana Fairchild

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