Who Am I?

Published March 26, 2021 by tindertender

I just woke saying … and then I had to walk thru fire.

What the heck? Someone quizzing me on my capabilities?

Who am I?

All my life I have lived fully transparent, wearing my emotion, my strength, and my weaknesses in their fullness for all to see. I’ve never shrunk my experience to make others more comfortable. I’ve lived it with its intensity, in its rawness, in it bigness.

I requested that the archangels keep my subconscious self and all that dwells there private from the violator, protecting the identities of those friends and family I commune with in the astral.

Perhaps it was friends and family inquiring about my prelife training and skills.

Even tho I requested these things remain private from the violator, it would not surprise me if they had developed a way to see thru this veil. And even if they have … I will still live fully authentic and transparent.

I am right here. I am not hiding, nor am I being sneaky in any way. I am who I am .. whoever that is… hahaha

The card pull … And descriptions “right from the book”.

The Emperor ~ The Empress reflected sensuality and the creative principal while the Emperor balances Empress energy with rules and foundation. He gives form and shape to the Empresses expansive nature. The Emperor holds an ankh, the Egyptian symbol of immortality. The globe in his left hand reflects his dominion over the natural world. The astrological symbol of Aries is represented by the Ram placed on his throne. He surveys his domain. The Emperor is where your habits and patterns are formed. Father. Order. Authoritarian, firm, masculine nature. Strong and assertive. Setting limits and rules. Type A personality. Formation and stability.

Temperance ~ Archangel Gabriel, the Messenger angel is depicted on the card. He bears the sign of the sun on his forehead. It is also the alchemists symbol of gold. Temperance and the Moon card balance each other under different circumstances. This card reflects the change of seasons and the embrace of new ideas. “Temper” is the act of repetition to invoke skill or to refine something, make sharper like a sword. Alchemy. Blending and harmonizing oppositional forces and concepts. Holding opposing ideas and fostering complexity in life. Fusion producing evolution.

Wheel of Fortune ~ The universal and spiritual world in a constant state of flux. Clouds in the corners of the card reflect manifestation while the creatures on the corners reflect the four elements and the four cardinal directions. The spikes of the wheel carry alchemical symbols; mercury, sulfur, and salt and the astrological sign for Aquarius, while the Latin word for “wheel”, Rita is inscribed. Life in an ever-changing state. Keep your eyes in the center, find a steady focal point to keep you grounded no matter what life throws at you. Ancient symbol of fate, fortune and destiny. Forces of time and space. Energy and motion. Life cycles, ups and downs.

~ Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot

I think this video is appropriate here …


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