Kabbalah for the Modern World

Published March 12, 2021 by tindertender

I’m reading this one right now (among others). It is fascinating!

One thing that stood out was that “creator” is a being with both sexes, male and female, and when creating humans, it put the Primordial Light into the feminine. There are beings out there now who seek this Primordial Light, by “pushing” the light within the feminine OUT, hoping that it will expand into an egg like structure, to be utilized to “create” … I think some very bad dudes are doing this to the feminine, and this is why it seems like the feminine has been squashed for decades … “they” are seeking the “key” to creation. They must, for they decided to become “creators” in their own right, moving away from the Light of Source Creator … so they must seek to “harness” this light so they don’t “fizzle out”. THIS is what they are here for right now, actually, from the future … seeking this Primordial Light, to protect their own future as dominators.

They actually entrap the feminine and USE her Light ….. really bad dudes. Who are desperate …. and incapable of co-creating because they are so focused on dominating life.

It seems to me they skewed the creation story when trying to BECOME Source Creator … which they can of course never succeed at 100%, at best becoming a second, only. Maybe this is why they feel the need to destroy so much of creation … trying to be #1.

Audio from Karina

Here is the link for the Hidden Hand articles Karina has suggested for reading:

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