Personal Command Center

Published March 12, 2021 by tindertender

There are a lot of people who feel they know how to run you, better than you do.

“Confusion” is someone else in the middle of your reality, attempting to alter “your truth”.

Center of the Head = Personal Command Center.

We have a thought. Someone else comes along and says, “That’s not the way you do it” or something of that nature. We “accept” this “gift” and replace our own thought with theirs.

The savior … mom, dad, teacher, minister, peers, friends, etc, requires we step out of the Center of our Head, releasing our Seniority over our Personal Command Center, so they can then put “their truth” in it.

Place fingers on each temple. Draw an imaginary line inside the head from one finger to the other. Now place one finger on the brow between the eyes, and one at the back of the head, draw imaginary line. Notice where these two lines intersect. This is your Personal Command Center, the Center of the Head.

Focus on this space, eyes closed. After a moment your mind may begin to wander and you may see your childhood friend from the 3rd grade, your mother at the amusement park when you were 17, your first husband/wife from 25 years ago … take a breath.

Own this space.
Take charge of this space.

Begin to dismantle and dissolve other peoples “truths” you permitted to replace your own. Release the “gifts” you accepted from others which altered your own personal truths.

Remember, anything that is unlike “I like me” was never yours, release it.

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