Oracle Reading 3-9-2021

Published March 9, 2021 by tindertender

Change is unavoidable ~ Every second of every day you undergo change. Your perception is altered by what you see, feel and experience from one moment to the next. Your body ages and moves closer to death with every breath. Autumn will a.ways come to end the bounty of Summer, and the new hope of Spring will always follow the Winter. Change is all around you. Do not let your fear bind you to the past and prevent you from enjoying your present and future. Stop fighting. You cannot resist the inevitable so choose instead to embrace it with acceptance and peace.

Do not fear the unknown ~ The ugly is not always bad and evil, and the beautiful not always good and just. Failure is not predetermined, nor is it a given that others laugh at you if you choose to follow your dreams. It is your fear of the unknown that makes you question and judge. Do not let another’s experience be the truth that guides you. Do not allow your fear of an unknown outcome to hold you prisoner. Your own experience could be both different and rewarding. Live!

Let your emotions flow ~ They can be joyous like a babbling brook, as deep and strong as a river. Give yourself permission to feel and experience them without judgement or blame. Do not try to deny them for that can only lead to harm and dis-ease. Do not dam them within you. Release them. Let them flow, and go. Allow yourself to feel them, and learn from them, as you embrace them for what they are ~ a natural response to the moment that you exist in, that will pass as the moment passes.

Messenger Oracle created by Ravynne Phelan

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