Rise Up, My Sisters

Published February 19, 2021 by tindertender

I am the river of life
I am the keeper of this dream
Walk with me I’ll tell you a thousand stories
Long ago given to the earth

These mountains tall
They are my only walls
In this temple where I bow


Rise up, my sisters, rise up
We are the water, the sacred cup
It’s in our hands that all life grows
It’s in your dance, it’s in your hands
It’s in your love we rise above

It’s in your song I hear my soul
So rise up, my sisters, rise up
Let us lift each other up
Sing it from your heart
and from your soul


Sun and moon they shine together
She moves the waters
and dances with the heavens

In your eyes I see Haseya rise
In your eyes I see the giver of this life



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