Illusion, Fear, Aliens and The ‘Possible’ Last Conversation Before Incarnation

Published February 16, 2021 by tindertender

My Dear Friends ~ I don’t talk very often about politics because it’s really a game and we are observers of a big show. But none the less it has effects how humans perceive the Illusion of reality manifested in the 3D matrix and so I want to share some stuff from the White Dragon Society.

And please – as always just take what resonates within yourself. All this information contains some truth and some disinformation. The “mastery” is to look through the veil and to know what is the relative truth in it. And I say “relative” because we all know that in this realm is no absolute objective truth – it always depends on the point of view and the subjective perception. So no “wishful hoping” and no “pink glasses” – just observe what it is said and see it on all possible layers – from above and beyond.

About Virus and Vaxx: The energy of fear for self or others for any reason lowers immunity and makes bodies more susceptible to contracting covid and a number of other illnesses. That is one of the benefits the Illuminati are reaping; the fear energy emitted by everyone in financial straits due to lockdown is another. Remember, dark hearts and minds require fear energy’s low vibrations for their very survival.

Extraterrestrial special forces scientists decreased the virus potency in vaccines to the extent possible; complete elimination would be noticeable. But even greatly reduced toxicity is producing serious adverse effects in people with weak immunity, and the number of deaths following vaccination is growing.

Last but not least …

The Secret Russian Diplomat Book Secret Russian Diplomat Book

I also want to remind you on something – how unimaginable courageous some of you were to voluntarily “decend” from much higher dimensions into the density of 3D to assist the ascension process. You all are loved and honored beyond any measure. Never forget about this and listen to a possible last conversation you may have had before incarnation.

Source: Karina

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