Oracle Reading 2-10-2021 ~ Bless This Day

Published February 10, 2021 by tindertender

I did a powerful self-love ritual last night. You know how I know it was powerful? Because once I closed my circle, released my prayers, and went to bed, I lay there with a steady stream of negativity in mind. Five hours worth. At one point I even heard someone say, “I hate you”, among many other really bad things.

I woke after hardly any sleep, feeling the love once more. I decided to pull some tarot cards to get a feel for the day.

Hold the Space ~ Hold things together. Don’t make any sudden moves or changes. Stand strong, knowing you are where you are supposed to be.

Set Your Sights Higher ~ Go beyond your limitations and believe that the impossible is possible.

Be Fearless and Stand Strong ~ Don’t back down. Make your opinions heard. Don’t settle for second best.

Feel Loved and Comforted ~ Allow yourself to be cherished. Mother Earth is protecting you with a shield of love and light.

Trust in Higher Forces ~ Trust in your angels, guides and ancestors. If you have given your power away, claim it back.

Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards created by Kyle Gray

3 comments on “Oracle Reading 2-10-2021 ~ Bless This Day

  • No, it certainly is not. It is difficult when it visits while trying to sleep … or wakes you out of a sleep. Complete with soul dirtying energies. Ugh. I am grateful for the waking states.


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