They Call Me ‘Dangerous’

Published February 5, 2021 by tindertender

They call me ‘Dangerous’.

For I am free, the ‘chip’ has malfunctioned and my mind is wide open, aware, and seeing more clearly than ever before.

I wake in the morning, refreshed, yet the Blue Lotus Flower does not provide the dream recall I had hoped for.

I know I was in a ‘meeting’ behind ‘closed doors’ during my astral travels. I woke to hear aspects of the masculine speak of me as though I am an innocent, docile, but boy oh boy, in my conscious state, I am a rebellious one! Full of “attitude” … this is how they describe my power, my strength.

During my waking state I do what I wilt … I practice meditation, chanting, magic, the generation and the collecting of my amplified energies for intensifying a specific command, intention, or prayer upon release.

“She’s dangerous”, they say …

Not realizing that yet again they use me as their mirror, dropping the vision of their own self onto me and then claiming it is mine.

They say I am sabotaging self.

I reply no … I am simply awake. I am living more fully, and more realistically, that I ever have before. And I cherish this awareness. And I will live it with every fiber of my being, expanding, not shrinking, until I am not able to any longer.

I claim my Sovereignty, I claim my Divinity.

I AM …

And it is Heavenly.

It is my birthright, I will not shrink away from it.

Over my own body and mind I am sovereign. ~ J.S. Mill

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